Imoo watch phone z6

Imoo Watch Phone Z6 Specification & Review.

Imoo is back with its new Imoo Watch phone Z6 and it has many awesome features that the watch must-have.

The watch comes with Qualcomm snapdragon Wear series processor with dual camera support , Flip mode , 4G network connectivity , GPS and many more , Which will be discussed later in this article.

The Smartwatch is specially design for the parent who has a major concern for their children’s safety.

IMOO Watch Phone Z6 Specification:

IMOO Watch phone Z6 comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear series which is specially design for watches and also design for low battery consumption.

Taking about the watch processor’s the Snapdragon wear series is especially used for its awesome features like Power management, Charging protection, 5 types of security protection.

It comes with a 680 mAH Silicon Anode battery .

IMOO Watch Phone Z6 Camera :

The Watch phone comes with dual camera support one at it’s front side and other on it’s rear side .

IMOO Watch Phone Z6 comes with 5MP front-facing and 8MP rear camera support, with this dual-camera support you can go for a High-definition video call whenever you need in just a single tap.

This will be beneficial for the parent who is very concerned for their children because parents can control both cameras i.e rear/ front from the application installed on their smartphone.

Both dual cameras is a wide-angle camera (84.4-degree front / 84 degree rear) with f/2.2 aperture and have a sapphire lens

So, you can directly monitor your child’s presence and can observe the environment around your children.

IMOO Watch Phone Z6 Features :

It comes with many awesome features that is not even a glimpse in the major smartwatch manufacturer like SAMSUNG, APPLE.

The IMOO Watch Phone Z6 allows the parent to see their child on the call screen even the child doesn’t attend the call.

One swipe, moving the front camera to the back and vice versa
is easier!.

Parents can also capture the memorable moment from the video call and can also do an instant share.

The IMOO Watch phone Z6 comes with Flip Mode which is the first-ever done by any company in the world.

The Flip mode allows opening the rear camera because when the watch is folded the rear camera is hidden.

Taking about the durability the watch is made up of TPU Layer so it is not easily broke and also scratch free.

Safety Measures for Children’s :

The IMOO Watch Phone Z6 allows parents to manage their child’s study time schedules.

So, During the class hours, the Watch behaves like an ordinary watch, and when the class finished the watch functions like normal.

For the Safety concern of the children, the watch send’s the notification to the parent when the child leaves home or school.

The parents can also know the current location of the child through GPS and can track their child.

The Watch comes with step counter , Safety guard , AI Scanner , Refusing Unknown Call , Alarm , Sports Competition , WIFI , Quick Dial and may more.

So , the Kids become safer.

Display :

Taking about the display of the watch the IMOO Watch phone Z6 comes with customized AMOLED with Super Retina Display.

Customized AMOLED ?

The Specially designed AMOLED material that emits minimal blue light for the safety of your child’s eyes.

Connectivity :

The Smart watch comes with 4G Connectivity that will give you a high speed internet speed the device supports 5 Models and 16 frequency bands.

Z6 supports 8 types of positioning , the position becomes accurate with the help of :

  • Satellite- GPS
  • Base Station
  • Global server
  • WIFI
  • Camera-Assist
  • Glonass
  • Accelerometer

The Watch is Water-resistance upto 20M depth.

Sum Up :

So , this is the full specs of all new IMOO Watch phone Z6 the watch acts like a smartphone in wrist but the truth is it is a smart watch with all functions of smartphone.

The Watch makes children to feel safer from the disturbing element around them because they can directly call for help from their parents .

The IMOO is the company that makes watch for the safety of the children’s since 2012 . So they are the King of child’s safety .

Now parent doesn’t have to think more about their child safety because IMOO is with him.

The Watch comes with Qualcomm snapdragon Wear series chipset with power management function .

The Watch has dual-camera support the front-facing has 5MP (Wide-angle) and rear has 8MP(Wide-angled camera).

The watch has GPS , Satellite positioning ,Glonass ,Accelerometer and many more .

It has Customized AMOLED display which are discussed above.

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